Wandering: With Intention & Purpose

What would happen if we could live our most authentic life?

If we had a place where we could discuss our fears, our joys and explore a different paradigm from a place of love?

Welcome to The Wanderer’s Corner.

What we do is three-fold.

First, we share our own true experiences. We do this simply to allow for a space of authentic story sharing without any ulterior motive.

Second, we connect. In Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller – The Tipping Point, he discussed those people who are connectors. That is who we are at our core. We connect people to different resources depending on their own personal situation.

Lastly, we listen. We provide truly empathetic coaching services with a focus on finding your authentic voices.

You’ll find that this site may feel a bit eclectic and like you’re wandering through a variety of topics We’ve designed this site, like life – it changes and flows but you have to be who you are at your core – Bold through Authenticity.

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