What is The Wanderer’s Corner?

Let’s start with some honesty – I do not know what The Wanderer’s Corner is – yet.

I can say that it will be a journey and give you some background on why I decided to create this passion project.

For several years I have been doing workshops, webinars, coaching groups, coaching individuals and lots of people on lots of different areas of their lives. Fundamentally I am good at three things – analyzing problems, thinking of solutions to solving problems and then connecting people to other resources to solve those problems.

Previously, I tried to start a site focused on just career coaching called Amendment Nine. I’ve turned Amendment Nine just into my consulting and coaching business. However that felt too stifling. I love to delve in to lots of different areas and I am full of ideas. During a session with my therapist, he helped me to see that I create joy in my life by helping others recognize their own power simply by being present in a way that fits their journey. I actually really fought with myself over it because there are so many people who have huge followings who write words, sayings, etc. that I love. They create in a way that I wish I could. But I feel like I’ve been called to do this even if it is just for myself and so here I am.

So The Wanderer’s Corner will be the culmination of those things. I can promise that it may feel random so I will try to organize it as much as possible. I can also tell you that for me, this platform will be used to talk about a lot of different topics and create an opportunity for me to think through some ideas I have that are still seedlings.

The name of this site was a pure example of the universe conspiring. A game streamer saw my name in the chat – doyouwonderasyouwander (itself taken from Langston Hughes’ book) and and I was discussing my former business name and how it changed and he threw out very casually oh, I bet it’s called the Wanderer’s Corner. As it so happens, I was looking for names for my new business and this fit.

Thank you for allowing me the space in your life. I hope that I can honor that in a very small way.

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