Most of my life, I have been some form of wander/wonder. My very first AOL name has a reference to Stevie Wonder. Looking back, I realize it’s because I have always been someone who questions.

Today, I call myself the wanderer because I realize I move through life knowing with certainty that the universe is conspiring for my good and for my purpose. I also know that this it the hardest thing to believe so I still am impacted by fear and doubt. Although mostly fear and more recently lack of any emotional reserve.

It’s been questioned if I actually do wander. There are those who see me and my decisions and determine, I must have had a linear path. I must have had a long-term plan that I put into action from my last decision. And that is not the case. While I am not flaky, I do move in a manner that relies a lot on my intuition, prayer and possibilities.

And because I’m a Libra, my wandering is held with a sense of pragmaticism. I don’t pretend that I don’t have a tendency for depression and anxiety. I also don’t pretend that I hold all the answers and work to find those that can help me. I don’t expect help for free either. I don’t believe that I am entitled to anything from anyone despite our previous relationship.

But Wanderer I am and wander I must.

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